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Novelist, poet, political analyst, journalist, photographer and filmmaker, he has covered dozens of war zones from Bosnia and Peru to Sri Lanka, Congo and East Timor. He is the author of a novel Nalezeny, published in Czech. Point of No Return is his major work of fiction written in English (to be published in French by Yago). Other works include a book of political nonfiction Western Terror: From Potosi to Baghdad (translated into Turkish and published by Bilim + Gonul); the plays Ghosts of Valparaiso and Conversations with James, translated into several languages including Spanish; and with Rossie Indira, a book of conversations with the foremost Southeast Asian writer Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Exile (translated into Korean, Spanish and Bahasa Indonesia). Non-fiction book Oceania (published by Expathos) is a result of his five years work in Micronesia, Polynesia and Melanesia and a damning attack against neo-colonialism in the Pacific. He has collaborated with UNESCO in Vietnam, Africa and Oceania through various publications including a fiction book The Story of Ann. Presently he is finishing writing his novel Winter Journey and non-fiction book about the political situation in post “New Order” Indonesia. He is a Senior Fellow at The Oakland Institute. He writes and photographs for several publications worldwide, corporate and progressive, including Z Magazine, Newsweek, Asia Times, China Daily, Irish Times, A2 and  Asia-Pacific Journal (Japan Focus). He produced the feature length documentary film about the Indonesian massacres in 1965 – Terlena – Breaking of The Nation, as well as several new documentaries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. He frequently speaks at major universities, including Columbia, Cornell, Cambridge, Hong Kong, and Melbourne. Cofounder and Coeditor of Mainstay Press and Liberation Lit, he presently lives in Asia and Africa. His website is:

HATA Takeshi

Born in Tokyo 1973. Currently working in Tokyo as a video director, documentary film editor, copywriter, web designer and a theatre company manager.

2003: Internship on Arts Management, Chapter Arts Centre (Wales, UK)
2002: Certificate of English Language Course (Advanced), ELI, London City Collage
1995: Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, Tokyo Metropolitan University

2002-2003: Arts Management Training Grant, Saison Foundation

2009: “Breaking the Silence”, Best Documentary Film, Kinejun Best 10
2006: “OUT OF PLACE”, Best Documentary Film, Mainichi Film Contest
2004: "A Chronicle of Our Seasons", Best Documentary Film, Mainichi Film Contest
2004: "A Chronicle of Our Seasons", Grand Prize, Agency for Cultural Affairs' Film Award

2009: “Breaking the Silence”, Documentary Film, Editor
2008: “Chokora!”, Documentary Film, Editor & Associate Producer
2005: "OUT OF PLACE: Memories of Edward Said", Documentary Film, Editor
2004: "A Chronicle of Our Seasons", Documentary Film, Editor
2004: "Memories of AGA", Documentary Film, Editor
2002: "Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky in Our Times", Documentary Film, Editor
2001: "Hanako", Documentary Film, Editor

2009: “Bagdad Cafe – New Director’s Cut” (Drama, Germany)
2009: “Old Partner” (Documentary, South Korea)
2009: “In the Attic” (Animation, Czech)
2009: “Ultra Miracle Love Story” (Drama, Japan)
2009: “Breaking the Silence” (Documentary, Japan)
2009: “Chokora!” (Documentary, Japan)
2008: “Bingai” (Documentary, China)
2008: “Syrian Bride” (Drama, Israel)
2008: “Proxima Salida” (Drama, Argentina)
2008: “Colossal Youth” (Drama, Portugal)
2007: “Hafez” (Drama, Iran)
2007: “M” (Drama, Japan)
2007: “Memorias del Subdesarrollo” (Drama, Cuba)
2007: “Un Couple Parfait” (Drama, France-Japan)
2007: “The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix” (Animation, Norway)
2006: “Wassup Rockers” (Drama, US)
2006: “Les Amants Reguliers” (Drama, France)
2006: "Good Morning, Night" (Drama, Italy)
2006: "Repatriation" (Documentary, South Korea)
2005: "9 songs" (Drama, UK)
2005: "memories of AGA" (Documentary, Japan)
2005: "Xmas in August" teaser trailer (Drama, Japan)
2005: "Kikyo" (Drama, Japan)
2004: "Suite Habana" (Documentary, Cuba)
2004: "L'amant" (Drama, Japan)
2004: "A Blue Automobile" (Drama, Japan)
2004: "Chicken is Barefoot" (Drama, Japan)
2004: "Inuneko" (Drama, Japan)
2004: "The Crying Wind" (Drama, Japan)
2004: "Turning Gate" (Drama, South Korea)
2004: "Lovely Rita" (Drama, Germany)
2004: "No Quarto da Vanda" (Documentary, Portugal)
2003: "Le Fils" (Drama, Belgium)
2003: "Hana" (Drama, Japan)
2003: "Outsiders" (Drama, US)
2003: "Blue" (Drama, Japan)
2002: "The Center of the World" (Drama, US)
2002: "Sauvage Innocence" (Drama, France)
2002: "Unknown Pleasures" (Drama, China)
2002: "Les Hautes Solitudes" (Drama, France)
2002: "On the Way" (Documentary, Japan)
2002: "State of Dogs" (Documentary, Mongolia-Belgium)
2002: "UNLoved" (Drama, Japan)
2001: "Delbaran" (Drama, Iran)
2001: "Love will tear us apart" (Drama, Hong Kong)
2001: "Les Contes de Kish" (Drama, Iran)
2000: "Idiots" (Drama, Denmark)
2000: "Love Cinema" (Drama, Japan)
1999: "Auch Zwerge haben Klein angefangen" (Drama, Germany)
1999: "Hero in Tirol" (Comedy, Austria)
1999: "My Own Breathing" (Documentary, Korea)
1998: "Dark Star" (Science Fiction, US)
1997: "TEX AVERY" (Animation, US)

2001: "Minna Genki!?", BS Asahi, Director
1999: "Tokyo Music Map of Cross Culture", Fuji Television, Assistant Director
1996-2000: "ETV" "Sekai Choryu", NHK Educational, Assistant Director
1996-1997: "Tokyo Ningen Tanbo", MXTV, Director

2005-present: "What's On", Australian Embassy in Tokyo, writer/editor (
2000-2004: "Art Events Info", Australian Embassy in Tokyo, writer/editor
2003: "Ancient Future 2003", programme copywriter (
2003: "Australian Film Focus", programme copywriter
2003: "Arts Centres in UK", viewpoint no.27, Saison Foundation

2009: Chokora! official site (
2008: Documentary Dream Show 2008 (
2008: Sachiko Ide official site (
2006: Documentary Dream Show 2006 (
2005-present: D&D Limited (
2004-present: Cinematrix Inc. (
2003-2004: webLogIRAQ (
2000-2004: "Arts Events Info", the Australian Embassy, Tokyo (
2000-2003: PowerBook DTV (
1999-2002: Gekidan KAITAISHA (
1996-2002: Mini-Theatre BOX HIGASHINAKANO (

1999-2007: Company Manager, Gekidan KAITAISHA
1993-1999: Technical Manager, Gekidan KAITAISHA
Gekidan KAITAISHA is one of Japan’s most acclaimed experimental theatre groups who since their radical studio theatre work, Tokyo Ghetto in 1995, have performed at festivals and venues worldwide. The performances of Gekidan KAITAISHA incorporate a rigorous physical theatre working alongside video, sound and light artists to create stage works based on an acute criticism of contemporary society. (